Meet Me

Who is this backwards-mom behind the blog?   I am Stacie Snieder and I’m a full-time working mom…….. yes outside the home.  By day time I am a CPA, early mornings I am a part-time fitness instructor, and by night a mom and blogger.  My loves are my husband, Blake, my four kids, Body Pump, Peanut Butter Cups, Pizza, Full House, running, swimming, and a sweaty work out… no particular order.  My journey as a mom has been quite unique in that I first became a foster mom, then an adoptive mom, and then a biological mom.  A F.A.B Mama.  My life is not pretty or perfect and neither is my house because life happens most days.  I hope to enlighten, encourage, and bring a little humor into your life as being a mom is not an easy job.  I welcome all comments and questions.